Why you need to start meditating right now

Do you find it difficult to relax? Have trouble concentrating? Maybe you are just plain old stressed out?

It takes as little as 10 minutes a day to smash your stress cycle and start living your best life.

You don’t need to spend a fortune. You don’t need a magic pill. You don’t need to win the lotto (although, that would be pretty cool). You don’t even need to radically change your life.

You just need to meditate!

Meditation slows aging

When you’re stressed, every cell in your body feels it. And, they don’t like it! You have these nifty little things in your cells called telomeres. They are little protective caps for your chromosomes. Over time they get shorter and contribute to the aging process. It’s been shown that stress makes this process happen a lot quicker and that meditation can slow it down.

That’s right – you might be able to meditate yourself younger!

Meditation improves your life expectancy

People who meditate are less likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke. They are also less likely to die within five years compared to people who don’t meditate.

Harvard Medical School professor and cardiologist Dr Deepak Bhatt says it decreases stress and anxiety and is recommended alongside diet and exercise to maintain health.

He also says it changes your brain chemistry. It decreases the amount of stress hormones in your body which also results in lower blood pressure and heart rate.

Meditate more – stress less!

Meditation improves mental health

We’ve already covered how meditation can reduce stress. But, it can also reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Meditation practice has shown improvements in disorders including:

Most researchers agree that more study is needed to really understand the benefits of meditation.

But as more is understood about it, the more it is recommended for overall health and wellbeing.

Join us and unlock the power of meditation

All our classes include meditation. But, if you want to get deep into relaxation our Restorative Yoga class is a great place to start.

We guide you through a meditation that will help you chill out, reduce your stress levels and get a better connection between your mind and body.

Book a class today!



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